Programmers and Everyone Else

A hard concept for some people (especially people like me) is that not everyone has the same knowledge base you do. Think about how you would describe what you to to a non-technical person. It’s a hard reality to grasp when you are immersed in code all day. Even the websites that you visit probably have content for people like you.

###Everyone Else###

I have this problem alot. I spend all day reading articles and blogs about programming, by programmers, for programmers, and I forget that not everyone else in the world is a programmer.

I recently read a (rather old, but still relevant) article explaining the biculturalism in software programming. I would like to think of myself as a UNIX developer. I don’t even own a Windows computer (I do dual boot, and have a virtual machine both running Windows 7). At home I have a laptop running Ubuntu Netbook Remix, and a desktop running Linux Mint. Sometimes I have to just take stock and recognize that there are a very very very small number of people who do what I do. It just seems like a disproportionate number because it’s all around me.

Just remember that users are stupid. They aren’t stupid like, us. They’re even worse.


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