Hello, Again

Hello, World. Again.

It’s time to get some use back out of this blog. Also, i’ve rekindled my excitement with using it with my recent transition of it from Wordpress to Jekyll the other night.

I also had some time on my hands (read: needed to clear my head) so I played around with jekyll and ruby.

At first I wanted to patch jekyll to add a --new flag that would add a new post with a given title. But that was a bit over my head at first, so I started smaller.

I ended up building Quickpost. A mostly-trivial ruby script to quickly add a new post (yep, used it to start this one). Next step would be to make it into a ruby gem, and then to talk to the Jekyll community about adding it into Jekyll proper.

I’m going to try to do a weekly wednesday night post. For both people that still read it (hi mom!).


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